2018 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance

Run Falmouth for Fish and Fishermen!
The Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance is fishermen, community members, public officials and scientists working together to build creative strategies, advocate for improved marine policies, protect the ocean ecosystem, and ensure the viability and future of Cape Cod’s fisheries.
Join our inaugural debut in the Numbers for Nonprofits Program on Sunday, August 19, to run the 2018 New Balance Falmouth Road Race and its iconic 7-mile seaside course.
The Fishermen’s Alliance was awarded 8 bibs in this year's race. The fundraising goal for this year is set at $15,000. Help the charity runners reach their goal!
When you make a donation, sponsor our runners, or become a charity runner yourself, you are continuing to fuel our work advocating for fishing families and healthy oceans on Cape Cod.